Rolando's Super Tacos

Rolando’s Super Tacos

By: Ariana B. , Kimberly R. , Mariana B.
January 23, 2016

Rolando’s Super Tacos is located on the south side of San 

Antonio. They have a variety of tacos including my favorite 

carne guisada. The prices are very reasonable for their serving 

size. The “small” is $3.35 and the “huge” is $6.55. Funny thing is 

the “small” taco isn’t small at all. Which means you are getting 

your moneys worth. This restaurant is open from 7am to 4pm 

and is located at 98 Shasta Ave, San Antonio, Texas 78221. They 

have a very friendly staff and their service is exceptional. A good 

bonus is that they are very clean. No one wants to eat in a dirty 

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