Bye Bye Man

THE BYE BYE MAN By: Izaya P., Val R. January 25, 2017

This experience at the movies was kind of bad and kind of good. The bad part was the lousy service and the outrageous prices. It was literally 4 dollars for 1 of the small bags of chips. Also it was really packed because the movie was new. We had to sit next to strangers that talked during the whole movie. I bought a drink at the concessions that I finished during the movie. When I tried getting up to get a refill the people next to me didn’t want to let me get through. I missed part of the movie because the soda machine line was kind of long. Despite all these bad things the movie was actually pretty good. It’s basically about a demon that feeds off of you thinking about him or saying his name. There was a few pop ups and a lot of twist you don't expect. It was one of the craziest movies I have ever seen and I recommend you watch it.

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