Future-Purple Reign

Future "Purple Reign"

By: Arlene C., Jonathan C. 
January 24, 2017

Nayvadius   De  Mun Willburn  also  known  as  the

rapper  “future’’  was  born on November 20, 1983  in    

Kirkwood, Atlanta Georgia. He has recently become   

mainstream due to his latest album Purple Reign. He has   

three sons, one daughter, and one adopted. As a 

teenager he was shot. He lived on the streets until the 

age of 24.

He began as a writer for other known well rappers but  

eventually developed  a  unique  sound involving 

emotional  verses  about  love  and relationships. He 

partnered with Gucci Mane Free Brits. 

He  has  had  feuds  with  Drake  and   T-Pain  on  

multiple  occasions. Since  then  he  has  made a  

name  through  his  music continuing  to  grow  

in  popularity with  his  newest  album.
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