Royal Rumble 2017

Royal Rumble 2017

By: Jacob R., Diego F., Michael G., Chris G.
January 23, 2017

The Royal Rumble is a pay per view event that WWE showcases which

is about throwing out your opponents over the top rope. There are 

other matches before the Main Event Royal Rumble. 

It first started in 1988 in Hamilton, Ontario. The winner for this was 

a wrestler Jim Duggan. The 30th annual event which takes place in 

our hometown San Antonio, Texas, January 29 at 5:30. Matches 


- Kevin Owens V Roman Reigns for the Universal 


- AJ Styles V John Cena for the WWE World 


- Charlotte V Bayley, Neville V Rich Swann for the 

Cruiserweight Championshi

- Main Event Royal Rumble.

The match predictions are very different amongst everyone, but 

here is who I think will win. For the Universal Championship, 

Roman Reigns will win because Vince McMahon really thinks he 

is the face of WWE. Jacob thinks Kevin Owens will win because 

he won titles in the past in Ring of Honor. For the WWE World 

Championship, Jacob and I think John Cena should win so he 

could be tied with Ric Flair with the most championship wins. I 

think Charlotte is going to win because she is a really good heel 

and should keep going. Jacob thinks Bayley because she has a 

lot of fan support and people love her. I think Rich Swann will 

retain the Cruiserweight Championship because he still has to 

have a longer reign. Jacob thinks Neville because he looks really 

strong and would be a good champ. For the Royal Rumble, we 

think The Undertaker will win because tons of people want him to 

win and people will be supportive about this decision. 
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