Tom Brady vs Joe Montana

Tom Brady vs Joe Montana

Mr. Solis vs Mr. Grosso

By Aidan M., Xavier R. and Jacob T.  
Feb.3 2017

Xavier’s Opinion is he thinks that Tom Brady is better because he has better teammates and he’s been to the Super Bowl more. Aidan doesn’t watch football and doesn’t understand it. Jacob’s opinion is that Tom Brady is a better quarterback because he has a good team to back him up. When they’re losing in the game, Tom Brady is clutch and can win games under pressure. We interviewed Mr. Grosso and Mr. Solis and we asked, “Who Is the Best Quarterback in the NFL History?” Mr. Solis said Tom Brady is better and Mr. Grosso said that Joe Montana is better.

Mr. Solis Thinks Tom Brady Will Have The Most Rings Out Of All Quarterbacks In NFL History This Super Bowl Sunday.

Mr. Grosso thinks even though Tom Brady might have more rings, Joe Montana’s stats are still better, and he was capable of more than Brady.

Mr. Solis also said that Tom Brady is already used to handling pressure and that he will help the Patriots win the Super Bowl on Sunday and then he’ll have the most Super Bowl rings than any other quarterback in NFL history.

Mr. Grosso said that when Joe Montana was in the super Bowl he had a better chance because he could throw the ball for a short pass or for a long pass or he could scramble for like 8, 9 yard runs.

Mr. Solis predicted that Tom Brady will have at least 6 super bowl rings in the next 10 years if he stays longer. Also he said that he would rather lose the Super Bowl then not make the Super Bowl. Mr. Solis also said that Tom Brady will appear in at least 9 Super Bowls by the time he retires.

Mr. Grosso finally said that Joe Montana is the best quarterback in the NFL because of the plays he knew and the things that he was capable of doing when he was in the NFL.  

{Ed note: Tom Brady will prove all the haters wrong on Sunday!}

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