Why the New England Patriots Will Win Super Bowl LI

By: Izaya P., Val R.
January 30, 2017

The Super Bowl is next weekend and we believe that the Patriots will take this game because of the experience that Tom Brady has. He’s been a quarterback 8 more years than Matt Ryan, and even though his stats aren’t higher than Matts, he has been in multiple Super Bowl games. So he will be able to take the pressure when he needs to be clutch. That being said the receiver stats are 4
th in offense.

The Patriots game against Pittsburgh showed how the defense could shut a team down with a somewhat high defense rating with a final score of 17-36. The Patriots are 3rd in the defense with the Falcons being 25th, so that shows how the Patriots can score on them.
New England PatriotsNew England PatriotsNew England PatriotsNew England Patriots
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