Cameras at Super Bowl LI

By: Jacob T., Aidan M., Xavier R.
January 30, 2017

The new technology at Super Bowl 51 is expected to be better than the past Super Bowls with Super Bowl 51 having much better quality and sounds. Super Bowl 51 has had Intel install 38 5k cameras high above the field at NRG stadium in Houston. The cameras are bolted on top of the stadium to capture every moment of the Super Bowl. The cameras operate more like sensors, feeding visual data back to a rack of servers elsewhere inside NRG stadium. The NRG stadium has a roof panel that can open and close within 7 minutes because of advanced technology. Also, NRG stadium has a 14,549 square foot HD jumbotron. The cameras are on the sideline connected to a  machine makes the cameras go up or down to watch the players running up and down the sideline. Also there is a camera that will be above and behind the players on offense to watch them from behind. 

Cameras at Super Bowl LICameras at Super Bowl LICameras at Super Bowl LI
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