Iphone vs Android

Iphone vs Android
By: Alexandria G., Haziel R., Armando R.
January 23, 2017

There have always been many questions of which is better, IPhone or

Android. Today we are configuring this paper to answer all your 


When you lock your phone you want to be able to open your phone 

right back up fast and easily. Because of the more secured phone the 

Iphone wins this battle. It has a fast and easy Touch ID Fingerprint 

that is more secure than Android. Even though Android has a face 

recognition and uses location to bypass the lock screen, it is still less 

secure than the IPhone. 

 When it comes to making a call, the IPhone beats Android because it 

has FaceTime which allows the user to make visual contact with whom

they are speaking too. 

 When using apps on an Android it’s easier to organize them by hiding 

less useful apps, and by placing more important ones on the home 


 It is easier to navigate Android’s contacts because of its large photos 

which makes it faster to find who you are looking for. The Iphone’s 

contacts are more difficult to navigate through, so Android wins.

 The search feature on the Iphone is far more superior to that of 

Android’s because of Apple’s spotlight search which searches more 

stuff then google does on Android. 

 When communicating with Android’s voice assistant you can use it 

offline to search on google, but Siri on Iphone has a fun personality 

and understands natural language better than Android does.

In the end, Iphone has better and more suitable features than Android 

offers giving the Iphone the win.
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