NFL Security

NFL Security

By: Arlene C., Jonathan C.
January 30, 2017

The  NFL   security  has  to  be  preparing  for  months  strategizing  and  holding  meetings  to  try  to  anticipate  when   an  attack  might  take  place in  the  two  weeks   leading  up  to  the  main  even  or   during  the  main  event.

The  federal  agent  will work  alongside  state  law  enforcement, local  agencies  and  private  security according to FBI  officials. The  company  has  provided  security  for  Super  Bowl  for  more  than   a   decade  and  has  hired  many  temporary  workers  in  the   area.

The  NFL  security  has  Automatic  license  plate  readers. If  they  detect  something  out  of  the  ordinary  out  of  you   or  if  you  stay  to  long  on  the area  your personal  information  can  be  investigated  by  the  authorities.

There are also surveillance  cameras  to  keep  out  watch  for  anything  suspicious  that  can  be  a  treat  to  them  or  the  people  inside  the  stadium. Security guards can check your  bags or items   and  your  belongings if  you  have  a  weapon  or  something  out  of  the ordinary.

People can stay safe from avoiding suspicious activity, cooperating with law enforcement, and being aware of their surroundings. If anything you find as a disturbance or hazard please report to security.
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