KMS Robotics Teams Shine at First Lego League Competition

KMS Robotics Teams Shine at First
 Lego League Competition

February 11, 2017

The KMS robotics team participated in the FLL or First Lego League competiton on Saturday, February 11. KMS took 3 teams (Teen Titans, Squid Kids, and Pegasus) to McCollum High School for the robotics meet and they did not disappoint.  Both Pegasus and Teen Titans advanced to the Alamo East Division Championship, which will be held at Metzger Middle School on March 11.

Ms. Oropesa is the Coach for the KMS robotics team. After the event she expressed how proud she was of the students for all their hard work and dedication.

“We usually practice a minimum of 2 days a week. Sometimes we practice everyday. “

This was first robotics completion I have ever attended so I asked Ms. Oropesa to explain what the competition is all about.

“Students solve problems using robots. They have to program and build their robots as a team. Their ultimate goal is to complete missions. Teams win by presenting a journal, doing well on missions, and how well they work as a team.”

All that being said, Ms. Oropesa asserted that having fun is what it all comes down too.

“What makes robotics fun is that you get to hang out with friends. You meet a lot of new people and ultimately, who doesn’t think it's fun being creative and solving problems?”

If the KMS robotics keep up their creativity and team work on March 11, they’ll have a giant trophy that’ll be a lot of fun to put in the KMS showcase. 

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