KMS Science Teachers Illustrate Lab Safety

KMS Teachers Illustrate Lab Safety

The Science teachers at KMS wasted no time preparing their students for the new year. Before there can be any labs or experiments, the students must first become enlightened to the importance of lab safety. 

Mr. Quintero, the 8th grade Science teacher at KMS,  spoke on the importance of knowing the rules. "Science is so much fun but it can also be dangerous if not taken seriously. That's why we make sure to send Safety Contracts home to parents that they must sign. When the students turn those in, we make them sign one of their own that states they understand the responsibility of the Science classroom." 

Mr. Solis, 6th grade Science teacher added, "Science is messy. It's hands on. It gets the students out of their seat and lets them discover just how amazing the real world they live in is. Just as there is a natural order in the universe, there must be order and procedures in the classroom as well. The kids realize that and enjoy learning about what instruments keep them safe."

Check out the slide show to see just how the students learned about Lab Safety------>
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