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Hello My Name Is...

Julie Blohm


I received by BBA in 1992 from Texas State University (aka Southwest Texas State University).  EAT 'EM UP CATS!!!

In 1995 I received my Texas Teaching Certificate from Region 20.


Iwas born and raised in the BIG city of Dripping Springs, Texas which islocated between Austin and Johnson City. After graduating from college,I moved to San Antonio. I've been a teacher in The Harlandale for 18 years now. I'm proud to call San Antonio my home.

Ihave two beautiful children and a wonderful husband who keep me verybusy when I'm not at school. In my free time, I love arts and crafts,reading, and playing with my kiddos.

Wehave an exciting year ahead of us. I look forward to working with you.Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Class Schedule  

1st period          ELA               8:05-9:07

2nd period        ELA               9:11-10:03

Power Read                             10:05-10:24

3rd period          ELA              10:28-11:20

Lunch                                        11:20-11:50

4th period           ELA              11:54-12:46

5th period           ARI               12:50-1:42

6th period           ELA              1:46-2:38

7th period           Conference  2:42-3:35

Supply List 

One 3 ring binder (required for all classes)

Section of binder for ELA

Notebook paper



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