Macias, Caroline - Math/Algebra1

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Caroline Macias

Subjects Taught
Algebra, Math 8th Grade         


BBA in Human Resources 

St. Mary's University

Master's of Art in Teaching(MAT)

The University of the Incarnate Word


Ms. Macias is starting her 12th year at Kingsborough Middle School.


Ms. Macias has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from St. Mary's University with a minor in Mathematics. She later received a Master of Art in Teaching degree from the University of the Incarnate Word. She is certified in 4-8 and 8-12 Mathematics.

The beginning of a new year is here.  Homework will be assigned everyday for  Algebra 1. Please allow plenty of time each night to complete it.  HW will be almost every night. All work needs to be written on a separate sheet of paper and the answers written on the worksheet.

My conference period is  Monday thru Friday during 5th period. If you need to talk to me, please call prior to that time so I can call you during my conference.

Students can access workbooks and online quizzes at the link below.  

Algebra and math:


Tutoring: Algebra 1: Wednesdays 3:50 - 4:30

              8th Grade Math with Mrs Hall: Mondays 3:50- 4:30

              8th Grade Math with Mrs. Zoll: Wednesdays 3:50-4:30  
              8th Grade Math with Mrs. Macias: Tuesdays 3:50-4:30

Class Schedule  

1st Period 8th Grade Math

2nd Period 8th Grade Math 

3rd Period 8th Grade Math 

4th Period Algebra 1
  Algebra 1 

5th Period Conference 

6th  Period 8th Grade Math 

7th Period PLC


Tutoring for8th Grade Math is moved to Thursday when there is a meeting 

Supply List 

      Supplies for Math and Algebra 2017

      A 1.5 Inch or 2 inch binder- color you will choose as a class

      4 Dividers- Homework, Classwork, Tests/quizzes, Warm-ups

     4 Spiral one subject notebooks to match binder(buy extras while they are cheap)

      1 set of Colored pencils

    24  #2  Pencils (minimum of 24)

         Pencil Top Erasers

   3-4 Pkgs Notebook Paper

   1 Box of Kleenex

   8 glue sticks or 4 large glue sticks

   1 Pencil pouch



Glencoe textbook


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