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Fran Norman


Subjects Taught
Science 7th Grade


I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2001 with a B.S. in Business Administration majoring in Finance and Management Science.  I earned my teaching certication for the State of Texas through ACT of San Antonio in 2009.


I have been teaching at Kingsborough for 4 years and enjoy being here!  I enjoy teaching Science and am excited for the new year!


I grew up in Beaufort, South Carolina and attended the University of South Carolina.  I married my husband, Robert, in 2001 and we moved to San Antonio, TX when the Marine Corps transferred him to Lackland AFB.  This is my third year at Kingsborough Middle School and I am excited to be here. 

In addition to teaching 7th grade Science I am also the Gamma Sigma Pearls sponsor along with Ms. Campos.  We have about 30 girls that participate and enjoy teaching them leadership and independence.  Gamma is part of the Girl Scouts and is an excellent program for young girls. 

I also sponsor the Science Corps program for 8th graders.  We meet twice a week to conduct different STEM centered experiments.  The students have a great time working on the different activities and learning about different careers in STEM.

Supply List 

Below you will find the required supply list for 7th grade Science:

1.     1 inch binder

2.     1 pack subject dividers

3.     Composition Book

4.     Notebook Paper

Other Class Info

7th Grade Life Science Progress Checklist 1st Semester  

1. Recognize Photosynthesis

2. Demonstrate motion in everyday life.

3. Describe and relate responses in organisms that may result from internal stimuli.

4. Recognize cell theory.

5. Differentiate between structure and function in plant and animal cell organelles.

6. Compare the functions of a cell to the functions of organisms.

7. Recognize levels of organization in plants and animals.

8. Distinguish between physical and chemical changes in matter in the digestive system.

9. Illustrate the transformation of energy within an organism.

10. Identify how organisms respond to external stimuli.

11. Investigate how organisms respond to external stimuli.

12. Define heredity as the passage of genetic instructions.

13. Recognize that inherited traits of individuals are governed in the genetic material in the nucleus.

14. Compare the results of uniform or diverse offspring.

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