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Kingsborough Beginning Band


To Beginner Band Parents/Guardians

Welcome to Beginner Band year 2017-2018,

Yourchild is about to have one of most exciting time in their life: ABeginner Band Year. The first week of school can be very exciting.Beginner Band is one of those things that will make this year atKingsborough Middle School even more exciting.

Duringthe first week of school, your child will be selecting a Bandinstrument to learn to play. We are here to help him/her chose theperfect instrument. Once your child has chosen their Band instrument,they will be given the following information to take home. Thisinformation will help you chose the appropriate brand of Band instrumentand at a very reasonable price.

Beginner Band Instrument Information 

Thefollowing list is provided to aid you in the selection of musicalinstruments you will need to provide for your child. The instrumentslisted below are highly recommended for the success of your child.Saxophones, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, and Tuba are provided bythe school. But in the case of the brass instruments, the parents needto provide or purchase a mouthpiece (at a very reasonable price) throughthe band program. In the case of the saxophones, your child mustcomplete at least one year of either clarinet or flute in order to beconsidered for a school-provided instrument.

Percussion assignments are at the discretion of the percussion instructor.

Parentsare strongly cautioned against purchasing used instruments withoutfirst consulting their band director. Pawnshop purchases are acceptable,but need to be approved by their band director. Be advised thatadditional servicing is often required for these instruments.

Inaddition, instruments from Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, or stores other thanmusic instrument stores ARE NOT SUITABLE. These instruments are of avery low quality and most instrument repair personnel will not attemptto repair them and will not guarantee their work if they do.

Yourinstrument will require a playable mouthpiece. If your instrument doesnot come with an adequate mouthpiece, you can purchase one through theband program for approximately $30-$40.

The list of recommended Band instrument brands are as follows

  • Flute: Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, Yamaha, Selmer, Signet, Bundy, Jupiter
  • Clarinet: (wood, if possible) Buffet, Yamaha, Leblanc, Normandy, Noblet, Selmer, Signet, Jupiter
  • Cornet/Trumpet: Bach, Blessing, King, Holton, Yamaha, Conn, Besson, Armstrong, Benge, Jupiter

 Suggested Music Stores in our area:

              Musical Instrument Service                                            Jubilee Music Repair

                328 W. Southcross                                      4048 North Pan Am Expressway

                San Antonio, Tx 924-1330                                San Antonio, Tx 227-1150

             H&H Music Center                                                           Texas Discount Music

                6123 Bandera Road                                                     4379 E. Military Dr. #B

                San Antonio, Tx 520-7948                               Next to the Curve Restaurant

                                                                                         San Antonio, Tx 333-6100

            Alamo Music Center                                                  High School Music Service

               425 North Main                                                                 6016 West Avenue

              San Antonio, Tx 244-1010                                      San Antonio, Tx 349-7225


Once a student has selected the Band instrument they will learn to play,they will have until Friday, September 18, to acquire their chosen instrument. Mr. Flores and Mr. Ruiz are excited about this years new students and are anxious to work with their new students.

Ifyour child still wishes to join the Kingsborough Middle School BeginnerBand, please contact any of the Kingsborough Middle School Counselorsand/or Mr. Flores or Mr. Ruiz through email or phone.

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