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To Parents/Guardians of returning and new Kingsborough Jazz Band members.

Welcome to another GREAT year in Jazz. Your child as about to experience an opportunity that very few Band members are privileged to have. Jazz Band at Kingsborough Middle School is a well-earned course. Your child was chosen to be a member because they have shown a consistently admirable work ethic and high musical excellence. These are attributes you should be extremely proud to have in your child.

The first few days of Jazz Band, many new members will be crossing over to a different instrument; especially the Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone. The Kingsborough Middle School Jazz Band is happy to provide the Alto and Tenor Saxophones. The process does not take longer than two days. Once your child has been assigned a Saxophone, all we ask is that they alternate taking that instrument home every day with their principal instrument. Other Jazz Band members will be choosing to play Trumpet, or French Horn. Like the Saxophones, were are more than glad to provide the instrument. The same requirements are asked of your child as the Saxophone. Consistently taking these cross-over instruments home to practice, will promote a speedy transition and will accelerate your child's progress and success in Jazz Band.

If you have andy questions about your child's progress, please feel free to email or phone.

Once more, we are looking forward to another GREAT and ENRICHING year in Jazz, while continuing to teach your child.

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