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To: Parents/Guardians of Symphonic Band Members,

Welcome to another great year as a Kingsborough Middle School Parent/Guardian. Your child is about to embark on what will be one of the most exciting time in their life: A new year in Band. Our goal is to provide the best music education possible. In order for your child to succeed, we have accumulated materials and Benchmarks that will make your child's Band experience a meaningful and pleasurable venture.

The following are the guidelines for their Benchmarks in Band for the 2015-2016 Band year. When your child practices and completes these Benchmarks, they and you will notice a remarkable improvement in their musicianship. Once your child has completed an element of their Benchmark, they will receive a sticker to place next to their name. Their name is on a poster in Band Room 300. Feel free to call or just come by to ask about and see the great progress your child is making.

Thank you for allowing us to teach your child.


· Assignments for the benchmark are given at the beginning of each six weeks. During the six weeks in question, students have until the end of the third week to complete the first half and the end of the six weeks to complete the entire assignment.

· Each assignment is directly connected to whatever event (all-region auditions, concert music, UIL event, parade music), or TEKS standard being stressed during that grading period.

· When practiced, assignments take no more than one minute to complete. These assignments can be completed either before school (7:30-First Bell) or during the recreation period after the students have had their lunch (A=11:21-11-51) (B=11:55-12:25). We are available afterschool, if needed (3:45-4:10).

· Any student can complete their assignments with either Mr. Flores, or Mr. Ruiz, and still receive credit.

· Finally, if a student has not completed intermediate benchmark assignments, yet completes the final one, all previous benchmark grades are brought up to reflect completion (100).

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