7th Grade A Team Shuts Down Dwight Bobcats

September 9, 2017

On Saturday, the 
Knights 7th grade football A team opened the season against the Dwight Bobcats. For Coach Cruz, it was his first game as a Knights coach. Right from the kick off it was evident that Coach Cruz and Coach Balles had their boys ready to play.

In the first quarter the Knights defense set the tone early. They forced a Bobcat fumble which Patrick Ruiz returned back for a 70 yard touchdown. Matthew Hernandez then ran in the 2-point conversion for an early 8-0 Knights lead.

The next two quarters were not much different for the KMS defense as they held the Bobcats scoreless.  Entering the 4th quarter the Knights held a 14-0 lead. The Bobcats did their best to make it a game but just could not convert on 3rd downs vs the Knights tough defense. The Knights punched in another touchdown in just the second play of the 4th quarter. By the end of the game the Knights had put up 28 points in a shut out that made Coach Cruz’s first game with the Knights one to remember.

After the game I caught up with the winning coach to see his thoughts on the game.

How do you feel about your first win? 

“I feel great. I think our boys did a good job.”

What do you feel you guys still need to improve on?

“We still need to get better on the line of scrimmage. There are some minor adjustments we can make as far as blocking goes. Also being more aggressive in certain situations will help. All these things will improve with time as we continue to practice and mature.”

If the Knights play like they did on Saturday, it’s the rest of the teams who are going to need to mature!

Next up for the Knights are the Leal Apaches. The 7th grade A & B teams play at Leal while the 8th grade teams play at KMS field.

Other Notes: The 7th Grade B Team defeated the Bobcats B Team 12-6. 

Knights vs BobcatsKnights vs BobcatsKnights vs BobcatsKnights vs BobcatsKnights vs BobcatsKnights vs BobcatsKnights vs BobcatsKnights vs BobcatsKnights vs Bobcats

Worth the price of admission

Let the Season begin!


Nachos! Get your nachos!!!

Coach Cruz motivating the Knights

Coach Balles setting up the perfect play

Touchdown Knights!

Victorious Knights

The fans went wild over the win

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