September 22, 2016

The 7th grade A Team had been looking forward to this game since the beginning of the year. On Thursday the moment had finally come. They made sure they didn't take anything for granted.

The game began with both Terrell Wells and Kingsborough trying to calm their nerves. A rivalry game with the fans going nuts in the sidelines made the atmosphere electric. The Kingsborough Knights ended up using that energy to their advantage by taking an early lead. They scored a touchdown with a minute left on the clock in the first quarter and converted on their 2-point conversion. When the Trojans received the ball in the 2nd quarter, the Knights stifling defense forced them to a four and out. The Knights defense was the star of the first half as the offense stumbled a bit in the 2nd quarter. That would not last long.

In the 2nd half the Knights regained their mojo on offense and put up another touchdown and 2-point conversion extending their lead to 16-0. The Trojans did their best to forge a comeback but on Thursday night, the game belonged to the Knights defense. They shut down every attempt the Trojans put up. The final score of 16-0 showcased how the Knights were to much on defense for the Trojans.

Next up for the Knights are the Floresville Tigers. The 7th grade A & B teams will play on the road while 8th grade A & B team play at Kingsborough Field. 

Game Notes: The 7th Grade B Team tied 0-0 with the Terrell Wells B Team. 

Knights vs TrojansKnights vs TrojansKnights vs TrojansKnights vs TrojansKnights vs TrojansKnights vs TrojansKnights vs TrojansKnights vs Trojans

Rivalry Game


Trojan's fans waiting for the game

Knight's fans watching their team

Go Knights!

Fans everywhere!

Teachers showing some love


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