8th Grade A-Team Flexes Defensive Muscles

September 10, 2016

On Saturday, the 8th grade A-Team showed the Leal Apaches that their defense was something to be reckoned with. The entire game was a battle of attrition with the Kingsborough Knights flexing their muscles in the second half.

The game began with both the Knights and Apaches struggling to move the ball on offense. Penalties and punts were the story of the first two quarters at Kingsborough Field. At the half, Coach Gorham and Coach Balles made several adjustments and it showed in the third quarter. The Knights scored on a 42-yard quarterback keeper, taking control of the game. They added two more points when they converted on the 2-point conversion. At the end of three quarters, the Knights held an 8-0 edge over the Apaches.

In the fourth quarter the Leal Apaches did their best to mount a comeback. That goal was short lived when the Knights intercepted a pass with 4:30 to go in the game.  The Knights ran it back for their second touchdown of the game, all but sealing the victory. The Apaches made a last minute surge but the game had already been decided.  Their only touchdown put them on the scoreboard but with no time left on the clock it was nothing more than a formality. Knights won 14-6.

Next up for Knights’ football are the Harlandale Middle Braves. The 7th grade teams will play at home while the 8th grade teams play on the road. 

Knights vs ApachesKnights vs ApachesKnights vs Apaches3Knights vs ApachesKnights vs ApachesKnights vs Apaches

Fans were ready for some football

Friendly Rivalry

NOT-so Friendly Rivalry

Knights ready to put it in the endzone

To the Endzone!

Touchdown Knights!

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